The Greatest Texas Bank Job …… The Paper Con Job

The CANCER ” THE SWAMP ” goes far far far far DEEPER than Foreclosures

Who can assist with a Complete Investigation of Who precisely these SLIME BAGS ARE ……..
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The  FDIC  Dallas   and  the  334th  State  District  Court  Houston  Texas

These Bankster Buddies of the Clintons and Bushs really must have been broke huh


FDIC  and  FBI /  DOJ  are  hugely involved in MASSIVE  International  Money  Laundering and  LOOTING ……  FDIC and  FBI /  DOJ   are  not  suppose  to  be committing  MILLIONS  and  BILLIONS  of  FELONIES  ……  That’s  called  TREASON  ……  all  the  way  to  PURPLE  CAPITAL   ……  BEARING  POINT …… KPMG  and  CARLYLE  GROUP  ……   Imagine  That  ……..


The CIA /  DOJ /  FBI  /  NSA  /  DHS

GLOBAL  EXPANSION  Via  Carlyle Group  Bearing Point and KPMG Financial and the  Sewell & Riggs /  Purple Capital   LABABEDI  MOB

“KAT”  Woolford  and  the  COMPANY  BOIZ

Regional Director
Kristie K. Elmquist
(972) 761-8215

Donald B. McKinley
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
1601 Bryan Street
Dallas, Texas 75201


efoia, legal, ighotline, RAWILLIAMS, Danielle.Jimen.

From  ATOS  ORIGIN  to  CARLYE  GROUP  and  BMW  ,  NISSAN  ,   KPMG  and  On  and  On  and  On  and  On  and  On    PURPLE  CAPITAL  IN  DUBAI  …….  Western  National  Banksters  and  the  LABABEDI   GANG   far  far  far  far  far  from  INSOLVENT.

The  FALSE  CLAIMS  of  INSOLVENCY  were  a  MASSIVE  FRAUD  ON  THE  COURT  to  Avoid  Trial  …..  Fraud  Vitiates  Everything It  Touches

They  Really  Must Gave Been Broke  Huh


On Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 8:24 AM, SwampFox <> wrote:

Attention   FDIC  Director  and  Board of  Directors

NOTICE…..   Witham vs Western Bank, FDIC

Case  No  198617930  –    334th  State District Court  Harris  County

Judge  Grant Dorfman

Clerk:  Danielle Jimenez 713-368-6500

Court Phone:  (713) 368-6500


Regional Director
Kristie K. Elmquist
(972) 761-8215

Deputy Regional Director (Risk Management)

Serena Owens
(972) 761-8200


Regional Counsel
(Litigation and Resolutions Branch)
Donald B. McKinley

This involves  Western  National  Bank   and  Cause  No.  198617930   in  the  334th  State  District  Court   Houston  Texas,  Witham  vs  Western  Bank /  FDIC


FDIC’s   Regional  Director  Kristie K.  Elmquist   ( Dallas Tex ) and    FDIC   Regional  Counsel  (Dallas  Texas)   Have Been  Noticed.    RAWILLIAMS@FDIC.GOV   is  secretary to the  Regional  Director  Ms.  Elmquist


Western  Bank  was  hardly  insolvent

The  Claims  by  FDIC  and  the  Texas  Banking  Commissioner  were  FALSE

Judge  Lloyd  was  Lied To  as were  We  and I am asking Judge  Dorfman to take Jurisdiction and to Adjudicate  the  FRAUD  UPON  THE  COURT  committed  when  Western Bank’s  Owners, Agents and Representatives  as well as the  Sewell and Riggs  Lawyer  for  FDIC   David  Elder  and the  Texas Banking  Commission  LIED  and  MISLED  Us  and  the  Court  regarding the  VAST  WEALTH of the Owners and Operators of the  Western Bank.   They kept   many  many  many  MILLIONS in assets including extremely significant  Real  Estate and Buildings and Vehicles, Equipment, Insurance Policies and BONDS.     FDIC  and  David  Elder  failed to advise the Court of the  VAST  ASSETS  Western  Bank  and it’s owners  Rida O Lababedi ,  RLG  Holdings and Westgate Investments Controlled.   The  Officers and Board of  Western  National  Bank  likewise  kept  ENORMOUS  ASSETS   and his  huge  wealth from Is and Judge  Lloyd.


Case  198617930   Witham  Vs  Western  Bank

TRILLIONS  Have  Been  Looted  GLOBALLY   This  is  How  It Has  Been  Done

One thought on “The Greatest Texas Bank Job …… The Paper Con Job

  1. The FACTS remain …… The FAKED Insolvency of this Gangster Bankster Bank by The exas Banking Commission and FDIC raises LOTS of Questions about the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, The Texas Banking Commission and FDIC ( David S Elder of Sewell & Riggs )

    See ……..


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