The Racketeering of Looting and Laundering TRILLIONS


Money Laundering Defined …  JBW

To take money that is from illegal sources and use and commingle it with a legal and legitimate enterprise so as to clean the money to appear that proceeds are from a valid enterprise. RICO The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act of 1970. ADVANCE v. LEGAL TENDER Valid and acceptable money; legal tender.

May 14, 2018 – How is money laundered through real estate? Method 1 – use of third parties. Method 2 – Use of loans and mortgages. Method 3 – Manipulation of property values. Under-valuation. Over-valuation. Successive sales at higher values. Method 4 – Structuring of cash deposits to buy real estate. Method 5 – Rental income to …


Narcotics, Terrorists, Human Traffickers, Money Laundering and  MASSIVE MORTGAGE and FORECLOSURE  RACKETEERING  all by the Same Banksters  all in the same TIME SPAN ….  

Time for a Full Audit and a  Real Investigation


The Whole Game is as Naked as a Jay Bird  …..  JIGS  UP

Here’s the staggering amount banks have been fined since …

Feb 24, 2018 · JPMorgan Chase JPM, +0.32% has been fined nearly $44 billion, and a number of other big money-center banks have been fined over $10 billion. Thirteen banks …



Financial Robbery Mechanics AKA BANKSTERS 101 SETTING UP THE PIGEONS


JIGS UP  Deutsche  JP Morgan  Chase  Danske  Credit Suisse   JIGS  UP

Deutsche Bank’s
Running Tab of Investigations

Years before regulators learned about what may be one of the biggest money-laundering pipelines in history, low-level bank employees in Jacksonville, Florida, sounded repeated alarms.

The  Great  British  Mortgage Swindle

Because Judson Witham IS  NOT  Crazy


The TRIAD and Martin Harris’s Hat … SEER This Joe Smith … The Mormon MAFIA and the Deep State

Former US  Secret Service  Agent  RICK WILLIAMS …..  Conoco Phillips Oil   WOODLANDS TEXAS

From Gulf Manor Airport and the CIA to the 26th Floor of the Houstonian Estates … 33,000 Destroyed Emails and more than 1.5 Million Lay Dead … This is the  ACTUAL STORY … The TRUTH

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Donald Trump claimed on Twitter today that he has no “financial interests in Saudi Arabia.” But his financial ties to the kingdom go back a very long way. In 1991, Donald J. Trump was a mid-tier real estate developer with $900 million in debt, a collapsing casino business, and a name…


It seems  that  DON  MAFIA’s  Financiers are

as  DIRTY as  They Come

VANISHING TRILLIONS   Everything is  Rigged

TRUMP needs to PROSECUTE THE BANKSTERS especially the One’s that FINANCE HIM ” Make America MOB Again “


The BANKSTERS Own the White House and DOJ…


Deutsche Bank – JP Morgan Chase THE PERPETRATORS

Concealment, Scamming and Schemeing

The  Deutsche Bank …  JP Morgan Chase   THE  BUSINESS MODEL

What a Wicked Web THEY Weave


“The public welfare demands that the agencies of public justice be not so impotent that they must always be mute and helpless victims of deception and fraud.”[2] Although the fraud occurred in the late 1920s,   the facts became public only much later in the Government’s antitrust trial in  United States v. Hartford-Empire Co.[3]

Hazel then filed in the Third Circuit a petition for leave to file a somewhat belated bill of review in the district court to set aside the 1932 judgment which that court entered against Hazel pursuant to the Third Circuit’s mandate overturning the district court’s judgment of non-infringement. Hazel contended that the Third Circuit’s appellate judgment had been obtained by fraud ”


Lie Cheat and Steal

and especially  CONCEAL

(  Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan  LOVE TO CONCEAL  )

See  Deutsche Bank  Conceals



Using  HOCUS POCUS and Deception and Fraud to Cheat and Swindle People for Property, A PATTERN OF RACKETEERING LAWYERS

Deutsche Banksters  the Rap Sheet that Never Ends

The  Largest  Financial  SWINDLES and CRIMES in History


Funded in VERY LARGE PART by  Laundered Money

These  Perpetrators  Fund LOTS of  Politicians and Their Campaigns  IT’s  a  GIANT  Campaign Finance  ORGY  a  GREAT BIG  DAISY CHAIN


As an initial matter, there is no authority suggesting that a party ignorant of its
19 attorney’s fraudulent actions may enforce a fraudulently procured judgment. To hold otherwise would20 run afoul of the Supreme Court’s warning that fraud “is a wrong against the institutions set up to21 protect and safeguard the public, institutions in which fraud cannot complacently be tolerated  Case 14-826, Document 484-1, 08/08/2016, 1834987, Page124 of 127 1 consistently with the good order of society.” Hazel-Atlas Glass Co. v. Hartford-Empire Co., 322 U.S.2 238, 246 (1944). Even innocent clients may not benefit from the fraud of their attorney.
3 As a general matter, a client-principal is “bound by the acts of his lawyer-agent.” Link 4 v. Wabash RR. Co., 370 U.S. 626, 634 (1962); see, e.g., Pioneer Investment Services Co. v. 5 Brunswick Associates Limited Partnership, 507 U.S. 380, 396-97 (1993); United States v. Boyle, 469 6 U.S. 241, 251-52 (1985).   This rule rests upon “well-settled principles of agency law,” Maples v. 7 Thomas, 132 S. Ct. 912, 922 (2012) (internal quotation marks omitted). It is well established that “[a] 8 principal is subject to liability to a third party harmed by an agent’s conduct when the agent’s conduct 9 is” either “within the scope of the agent’s actual authority or ratified by the principal.” Restatement 10 (Third) of Agency § 7.04 (2006) (emphasis added). A principal ratifies his or her agent’s act either 11 by “manifesting assent that the act shall affect the person’s legal relations” or through “conduct that 12 justifies a reasonable assumption that the person so consents.” Id. § 4.01(2).

Judgments obtained by FRAUD and the  Bill of  Review ,   Fraud TOLLS the Statutes of Limitations

Mortgages Initiated on UNLAWFUL Activities and Money Laundering …. Subsequent Foreclosures and Evictions obtained by FRAUDS 

The VAST Looting and Laundering GO HAND IN HAND FHFA The Whistle is Blown Banks and S&Ls Faked Insolvencies BANK FRAUDS Apt and Condo SCHEMES FDIC and CHASE Engineered this Scam and Racket a…


  • Money Laundering Schemes in Real Estate – Corporate …

    • The Global Illicit Financial Flows Report estimates that China, Russia and India are the top three countries receiving ill-gotten money moving out of the U.S. Chinese nationals are on the top of foreign buyers of the Australian real estate, with nearly $6 billion in 2013. Indians and Russians are among the largest non-Arab investors of real estate in Dubai. Between 2012 to 2014, Indians only invested more than 44 billion dirhams in the Dubai real estate market (more than US$12 billion).

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    • Author: Ahmed Taimour

  • Best of 2016: Money Laundering Schemes in Real Estate …

    Real estate is an established method of money laundering internationally; the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has recognized that the real estate sector is a high-risk sector for money laundering, and it frequently attracts criminals who want to launder their dirty money.

    • Author: Ahmed Taimour



    MONEY LAUNDERING IN THE COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY. … The filer suggested this activity could be a money laundering scheme. 6. A U.S. bank reported that a Latin American business, which purportedly provides property management and representation services for an American business operating in a Latin American country, was also a money …

  • Real Estate | Money Laundering Watch

    Another Sprawling Money Laundering and Bribery Scheme Involving Venezuela: Currency Exchange Rate Manipulation, Rewarded By Aircraft, Real Estate, and Thoroughbred Horses

  • How money laundering works in real estate – Washington Post


    How money laundering works in real estate. … The charges faced by a bank involved in a deal to launder money through real estate would be related to conspiracy. Same holds for a realestate …

  • DIRTY MONEY: DEVELOPMENT, MONEY LAUNDERING, & REAL ……/moneylaundering-in-realestate

    The real estate sector has less regulatory oversight than other economic sectors and property enables its owners to carry out other kinds of money laundering schemes, involving cash purchases, complex loans, monetary instruments, mortgages, investment institutions, fraudulent appraisals, and anonymous corporate entities.

  • Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines for Real Estate ……
    • The crime of money laundering continues to be a growing area of concern in the United States. Therefore, law enforcement agencies and the financial sector devote considerable time and resources to combatting these illegal financial activities. However, many non-financial businesses and professions are also vulnerable to potential money laundering schemes.Real estate professionals are a category of the non-financial business sector that may encounter persons engaging in money laundering activi…

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  • How To Launder Drug Money: Start An LLC And Buy Real Estate

    How To Launder Drug Money: Start An LLC And Buy Real Estate . An explosion in cash-only home sales reveals a possible loophole in laws designed to prevent money laundering.

  • [PDF]

    Financial Crimes Enforcement Network


    Residential real estate-related money laundering is often associated with mortgage loan fraud.2 This connection is understandable since money launderers may engage in mortgage loan fraud to promote laundering through residential real estate. Both money launderers and fraudsters engaged in mortgage loan fraud to reap illicit profits

  • How is money laundering done through real estate? – Quora

    Real estate sales that involve shell companies like limited liability companies, often known as L.L.C.s; partnerships; and other entities. A real estate transaction can be used in any one of the the stages of money laundering.

FBI DOJ Fraud Deception Deutsche Bank


FBI  DOJ  Fraud Deception JP Morgan Chase


Lots and Lots of  Additional  Information Available




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